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Book Your Round Trip Shuttle From NOLA Airport For Only $30 Per Person
Book Your One Way Shuttle Trip From NOLA Airport For Only $17 Per Person
Book Your One Way Shuttle Trip To NOLA Airport For Only $17 Per Person

Children Under Age 6 Now Ride Free, Car Seats are also available Upon Request!

A Shuttle Company that will take you anywhere downtown.  Hotel or Residence.

Our NOLA Airport Shuttle Service is the most affordable in New Orleans and is designed around single backpackers and couples looking for a reliable and fast alternative to Taxi’s. Yeah, sure: you could hire one of those taxis waiting to take you from the airport.  But a taxi’s services into New Orleans proper will run you a minimum of $36 for you and a friend – and that cost will only rise with every additional member of your party.

With Nola Airport Shuttle LLC, that $36 you’re paying only for yourself becomes $24, and if you bring a friend along: only $18 each.  Got three or more?  We’ll take you for $46.

Of course there’s always MSY’s own airport shuttle, which is also an afforble price at-only $24, and $48 for a round trip per person (“Please note that fares do not include a driver gratuity”).  That’s a pretty good deal, just so long as you’re prepared to spend an hour-and-a-half in their bus – which will be pretty impressive of you, really, considering how long you’ve probably already spent sitting in a plane.

By the time you’ve hit tarmac at MSY, though, we’re betting you’re ready to just get to your hotel, and on average Nola Airport Shuttle LLC gets our customers to their destinations in only 30 minutes If traffic allows also only 3 (Max 3 stops Per Vechicle). That’s right: you’ll still be saving money even as you save an hour of your day.  They’ll charge $44 Round Trip (and don’t forget that tip!) if you’re single and going one-way, but we’ll take you for $24 all-included.  If you have 3 or more starting at $16 per person, Groups of 7 or more please

contact us directly for the best price available. $16 per person up to 6 at $96, 7 or more people please contact for best group rate.

Look For Our Shuttles on on Lower Level within the  “Transportation Center”.

We will pick you up at the lower level.  There are 14 baggage carousels.  Go to carrosel #8 and out the door and cross the first lane & second lanes towards the Transportation Center.  Underneath the parking Garage.  Wait there and the driver will be there waiting for you.  It would be appreciated if you could make a phone call to (504) 377-8146 and let us know what carousel door you are at.  Thank you.

IMPORTANT:  For all reservations with foreign phone numbers please contact your driver upon arrival.  Please give yourself 2 hours to arrive at the airport and give the driver a 15 minute window before and after pickup time.  If you have questions give us a call.

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